Locations of Fatalities at Submerged Hydraulic Jumps

The interactive database was designed and built by Ed Kern, a masters student at BYU. John Guymon, a former BYU graduate student, created a GIS database with 65 locations, and more than 200 fatalities recorded. There are many more locations that need to be recorded, which is why we are striving to obtain public contributions. If there are any false or inappropriate entries please report them to Ed Kern. We have received significant contributions from several sources including Dr. Bruce Tschantz who has supplied the data he has been collecting on the incidents and dangers at low head dams, and Charlie Walbridge from the American Whitewater Association who has given us the data that they have been collecting at americanwhitewater.org.

Database at a Glance

Total fatalities recorded:
Number of fatal sites:
Max. fatalities at a single location:
Site with the most fatalities:
Average fatalities per site:

Sites and Incidents